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Pastor Chris Danielson

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Chris Danielson

The Bible Idiots Podcast is part of the broadcast ministry of Fresh Road Media and Pastor Chris Danielson. Pastor Chris’ gifts and down to earth style help him reach folks from the intellectual elite to the man on the street. Chris Danielson’s eclectic career of creativity has brought him from stand up comedian, conference speaker, writer and director of full length films, missionary, and pastor. He has spent the better part of the last 40 years in radio, as a syndicated talk show host, morning show personality in major markets, and co-hosting a critically acclaimed top rated show along side his wife Emilee. His greatest passion is to creatively teach the Scriptures at every opportunity that God presents. Chris is currently full time in Harlan Iowa as Senior Pastor of Fresh Encounter Church and co-host of “NO Apology with Emilee & Chris Show” located on