The Bible Idiots

Meet the team responsible for Bible Idiots


Would you want to be involved when someone captures a vision straight from God?
Do you believe the Bible is under attack? Are you interested in a tool that is changing views and giving believers a strong defense?

Meet Chris Danielson. Even though he has a lot of experience with film and video technology he had never made a full-length movie before. Chris is a national syndicated radio show host, author, father of four grown children and a seminary trained Bible teacher and a standup comic. His wife Emilee is an accomplished writer and radio host as well, and she put pen to paper to help execute the vision God gave Chris. Add to it their son Jacob is an accomplished Stand Up Comic and we have the makings of something special.

Chris believes that God commissioned him to make this full-length reality documentary, following him and Jacob’s father-son standup tour around the country and while on the road sit down with ministry leaders and Bible scholars. He started with $800 and didn’t own a camera, But God brought him the likes of Jim Daly of Focus on the Family, Al Robertson from Duck Commander. Joni Eareckson Tada, Dr. Alex McFarland, Dr. Frank Turek, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Abdu Murray, and many many more.

When you add in the fact that many of us have been called an idiot for totally believing the Bible and voila!, we have ingredients for an incredible film that both entertains and educates.

The result is an outstanding piece called “Bible idiots”. (Are we idiots for believing the Bible or would we be idiots not to?)


Chris Danielson

Bible Idiots is first Director effort for the veteran Stand Up Comic/Actor and seminary trained speaker/former pastor/missionary.

Chris is best known for hosting radio programs for more than 30 years, including Christian Talk Shows, Sports Call In and “The Chris and Emilee Show” morning drive program.

Stand Up and speaking on Sunday AM services are still his most favorite activities… besides eating Chic-Fil-A


Emilee Danielson

Already published in Magazines and witnessing Viral Blog posts, one exceeding over 400,000 likes, Bible Idiots has been a nice step for the accomplished conference speaker and broadcast veteran. Writing and Producing her first full length documentary film is another step in a distinguished career for Emilee. As popular co-host of “The Chris and Emilee Show” she views this film as just one more step in service to the King.


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