Ignorance – It’s way more than bliss! It’s downright deadly.

We’ve all seen the videos. A interviewer walks onto a college campus and begins asking students elementary questions about the United States, the Constitution, or basic American History. As their eyes glaze over, we are jettison back to the 1980’s as we listen to their Valley Girl attempts to answer. As they regurgitate all the mindless cliches they fill the uncomfortable moments of silence with a litany of “yeah…so, like….totally”.

Give an Inch and lose a mile

With the COVID pandemic reaching the United States, we are seeing people’s reactions go from one extreme to the other. While some initially did not take it seriously at all and flaunted their careless behavior, on the opposite end of the spectrum, others turned their fear toward into anger, and even as we understand more and the threat diminishes appear unable to let go of it. Even to the point of making demands on others that they were not willing to adhere to themselves. This entire scenario is a microcosim of our spiritual walk as individuals and our natural human bent.